About CambiaVita

About CambiaVita

to enable your change

Cambiare = Change
Vita = Life

Change your life
Have your life changed
Have a life-changing experience

The moment you suddenly realize: now I get it! Now I understand.

This is the experience that I lived myself quite a few times in my life.
Each time, it made a profound impact on me. How I live, how I act, how I am.
It's my ambition to share that experience with you: to help you achieve Sustainable Change.

One of those major experiences have let to me becoming independent after a 5-year career at university as astronomer and 10 years of consulting at leading international firms and 10+ years at the tech-giant Microsoft. At 47, a dramatic turn of events in my private life led to the realization that I should be doing what I deem valuable, not what other's consider to be important. This has directly led to the re-birth of CambiaVita. I own the company since 2010, and since 2018 I run it as my main activity.

It's my life goal. It's my Life Changer

To enable your change