Keynotes & Presentations

Mega trends, 4th Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation - what does it all mean for you and your business?

Microsoft Office 365 - Sure you've heard about it, but are you sure you really know what Office 365 is about? Why the need for something like Office 365? Why would you need it?

Microsoft Azure - what is it, what can you use it for? IoT, Blockchain, Digital Twins, ... Business Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning. What's the relevance for you business?

Koen presenting

Digital Awareness & Digital Inspiration sessions

So you've heard a thing or two and are triggered by innovation. But what exactly is out there? What are the options? How do you know you go the right path if you don't have a map, or if you map is incomplete or biased? If you are considering the Microsoft solutions, I can help. I have the overview you are looking for.

It's important to look at the technology of today, but also of the evolution and be aware of technology of the near future. What are things that Microsoft is working on today, that I will see appear in Office 365 tomorrow? It's fascinating to see how Artificial Intelligence enter the world of Office 365, bringing tons of new capabilities right under your command.

This information is crucial when you are facing a contract renewal with Microsoft (yes, it's a complex matter). What should you aim for? What should you include in your contract? How do you maximize current and future use? What is underused, overlicensed... I work with a companion who helps with the numbers: Compliance and Contract Assessments. I take part of the Content part. Together we provide you with the complete set of information thus enabling you to enter negotiations fully prepared.



Personal productivity - based on a solid methodology

You're using all the new technologies, and the marketing message of Microsoft will tell you that now you have everything to control your daily work, to manage the load of information that smashes into your face every day. How do you manage that overload? Oh, and next to that: how do you get your own work done in that sea of distraction? Believe me, the solution is not in that new button or new 'feature' that has been added to the software. It's not…

If you don't have a solid methodology on how to handle this situation, you're always reacting to the latest and the loudest. And that's not the items that were on your todo-list.

Of course you want to change that situation, because it's the number one reason for constant stress.

In a one-day workshop I help you understand the methodology and start to implement the methodology into your favorite productivity environment like Outlook, OneNote, ToDo, Planner.

Team productivity - based on team agreements

Introducing an environment like Office 365 gives you a ton of new ways to collaborate and communicate. If fact, it gives you too many options. So in your team, what exactly will you start using? You need to know the options and you need to discuss and come to team agreements: what will you for what kind of situation? Should you use Outlook, Teams, Skype, SharePoint, OneNote, OneDrive… - and what with external people you work with, like partners and customers?

In this session - half a day or a full day depending on the needs - your team will discover the options and by the end of the day come to a list of team agreements on how to collaborate and communicate using the appropriate means. When team agreements are made explicit, you are able to measure efficiency and to improve the way you work as a team.

Interactive end-user scenarios and demos - involving you as active participant

You've seen the presentations and heard the stories, but you're still not sure. You want to first-hand experience: how does it actually feel to use Office 365?

What you need is someone to interactively with you go through a few scenarios that are relevant for your work and your business. Actually doing something is the best way to remember and to understand. I can take you and your team through those scenarios.



Follow-up coaching - both onsite and remote

Great! You started your journey for change, implementing all the things you have learned in your daily reality.

But I guarantee you that you will bump into an obstacle or two, not fully understanding yet maybe, or constantly being distracted by your 'real' job which is demanding your 100% attention.

Transforming it's not something you will quickly do between 22h and 23h this evening when your other duties leave you in relative peace. Making that change you want is hard work. It's a day job. Many days actually.

It helps if you have someone by your side - for real or remotely - at regular interval, or when needed. Someone to help you in your first steps, to keep you on track, to make sure that you actually make the step to that sustainable change. I can be that follow-up coach.

Ad-interim or shadow management of teams going through transformation

Change can be drastic. It requires people to change. Or if that turns out not to work, it can even involve a people-change. And then you face a potential temporary gap. Who will lead the team through the first phase of transformation?

You need someone who has the overview of the change and the people skills to internally get the members on board and externally represent the team at C-level to make sure the change actually happens? I'm your man.



Playful-learning sessions using Astronomy cause it's fascinating and fun - oh and you learn a few things about the universe and your team and yourself

I have this passion for Astronomy. I even studied it and became a PhD in Astronomy.

I've long thought about how I can integrate Astronomy, technology and teamwork into one concept. Because I had the privilege to be active for several years in the Microsoft Education sector, I found the solution: Playful Learning. I tested the concept several times, including at the BETT show - the gigantic Education trade show in London -, where I worked with a group of 100+ people of a dozen different countries, speaking as many different languages.

The concept using Astronomy as 'excuse' is great for learning a few things about the stars and planets, but even more about yourself and about team dynamics. It's an ideal way of getting to know new people, e.g. after a merger in a company, or on a new hire-day, or basically any team event. One session is about 2 hours - and the more people involved, the better. You don't need to go outside for this session - technology brings the universe inside - however, it definitely is an option to do this session late in the day and after the session actually go outside and see a few things for real! Depending on the location and the weather of course