Why How What


You want to embrace new technologies such as Office 365 and Azure in your organization, and you want to maximize its usage and benefit. You want your sponsors, managers, and users to receive the proper guidance. In short: you need help. That's why.

Because I believe that it all starts with understanding, going from the helicopter view down to the level that is appropriate for you and your organization, to understand and to make the right choices.

But understanding constantly evolving technologies such as Office 365 and Azure is not easy and help often comes in the wrong format, leading you even deeper into the forest of features and details. Things you don't need to know - at least not now.


With my 20+ years background in international consulting firms and as Business Productivity Advisor at Microsoft, I quickly grasp the major productivity challenges that you face in your organization. With this expertise, I can give you the right approach on how to look for positive change and opportunities in the introduction of Office 365: why should you change? What if you don't? What can you do different? Where are the potential benefits for you and your business?

How is my approach different? I speak your language, your context. I'm not giving you the standard pitch. Instead, I'm telling you stories - your stories - using a white board or an interactive screen, or just a piece of paper, and I put you in the center of the story. You the boss, you the business manager, you the project sponsor, you the HR or Learning manager, you the team manager… you the end user.

And thrust me, I don't use the word 'feature', cause you shouldn't care about features


You wonder: what is it then that I do?

I bring you a mixture of


  • Keynotes & Presentations
  • Digital Awareness & Digital Inspiration sessions


  • Personal productivity workshop - based on a solid methodology
  • Team productivity workshop - based on team agreements


  • Coaching 1:1, 1:n, VIP coaching - both onsite and remote
  • Ad-interim and shadow management of teams going through transformation

Through all these actions, I enable your change, making it sustainable.